Leon Trotsky

Libertarian Communist #5 - special supplement on "Sketching the Limits of Trotsky"

"Sketching the Limits of Trotsky", a special supplement produced accompanying Libertarian Communist issue #5 with an evaluation of Trotsky's life and ideas.

Anarchy #14 1974

An issue of Anarchy (2nd series) from 1974.

Contents include: the Building Workers Federation of Australia, Leon Trotsky, Prospects of Anarchy, tv documentaries on urban guerilla warfare, debate about Freedom, George Woodcock replies to Albert Meltzer, obituary of Lilian Wolfe, letters, Why Workers Control Doesn't Work In Yugoslavia.

This issue scanned in by the comrades at Spirit of Revolt archive.

Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion 1

English-Language Journal of the International Surrealist Movement.

The Astrakhan' shootings, March 1919

Account of the bloody repression of striking workers in the industrial town of Astrakhan by the Bolsheviks.

Informe de la delegación siberiana - Leon Trotsky

Book cover/Portada del libro

Spanish edition of a report from the siberian section of the Russian Social-democrat party, relevant because it's Tortsky's most critical stance thowards Lenin. The book also includes writings by Pierre Guillaume and Jean Barrot (Gilles Dauve)

Revolutionary Bureaucracy – Solidarity

Revolutionary Bureaucracy – Solidarity

An article from Solidarity for Workers’ Power vol. 7, no. 11 on the nature of the bureaucratisation seen in the Russian Revolution.

Work, Discipline, and Order to Save the Socialist Soviet Republic

Trotsky's March 28th 1918 address to the City Conference of the Russian Communist Party in Moscow. Trotsky calls for professional management of factories by technicians, shaming of slacking workers in Soviet publications, compulsory military training in factories and schools, and for Tsarist officers to be restored to the Red Army, ending the process of elections.

Lenin orders the massacre of sex workers, 1918

Kaganovich, 1934

Lenin's letter to G. F. Fyodorov ordering "mass terror, shoot and deport the hundreds of prostitutes who are making drunkards of the soldiers, former officers and the like." in Nizhni, where the Czech white forces were amassing. Kaganovich implemented the terror although while there is some evidence of a sex industry operating in Nizhni (see comments) actual executions during the terror are estimated to be in the low hundreds and predominately men.

No verses for Trotsky: a diary in Mexico - Alice Rühle-Gerstel (1937)

Alice Rühle-Gerstel’s (1894-1943, wife of Otto Rühle (1874-1943)) memories of Trotsky in Mexico. As far as we are aware, her writings are untranslated into English and this memoir is an exception. If you read German try to obtain a copy of her brilliant novel "Der Umbruch oder Hanna und die Freiheit".

Interview: the situation of left communism today

Loren Goldner's interview with the Korean Socialist Workers' Newspaper Group (SaNoShin), November-December 2007.