The Raven #36: Class Struggle and Social Protest

A Donald Rooum "Wildcat" cartoon in which the cat leaps in the air shouting "All bosses out!" whilst pointing at a caricature of a white bald male boss in a fancy car which is being carried by two workers.

Anarchist journal published by Freedom Press in 1997. This issue is themed around class struggle - its contents are of extremely variable quality.


  • Introduction
  • The Relevance of Class in Class War - David Douglass
  • I - Unemployment: ideological construct or economic reality? - Derek Pattison
  • II - Learning or Labour? - Derek Pattison
  • The 7,000 mile picket line: Liverpool dockers two years on - Guy Cheverton
  • Managing the Unemployed - Albert Shore
  • Greve Generale: surprised again by the mass-strike - Norman Stock
  • I - History of Conflict in Puerto Real - Brian Bamford
  • II - A conversation with Pepe Gomez in September 1996 - Brian Bamford
  • III - Street-wise South of the Sierras - Brian Bamford
  • Class Struggle, or Acting for Ourselves - Donald Rooum
  • Class Struggle - No Struggle - Jean Pollard
  • Some Thoughts on Class Struggle - Peter Neville
  • In the Womb of the Old - John Rety
  • I - Anarchy at the Peace Camps - Kate Witcham
  • II - From Protest to Prison in three easy steps - Kate Witcham
  • A Personal Experience of Direct Action - Mick Cropper
  • Runway Two - Julian Fitzgerald
  • Postscript
  • Review of Culture and Anarchism - John Pilgrim
  • Comments on Raven 35

Cover image by Donald Rooum. This issue edited by Harold Sculthorpe.


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