Abortion/Reproductive 'Rights' in the USA

Submitted by Spikymike on May 8, 2022

Time surely to start a discussion on the most recent potential reduction towards abolition of these supposed rights in the USA post Trump and Biden.
Maybe this text for starters:
ACG - How many ‘rights’ make a wrong?


2 months 3 weeks ago

Thanks for these Mike.

This unfortunately demonstrates the error of the liberal view that progress is linear. Clearly there are some profound struggles required to defend women's bodily autonomy.

It is worth noting that the evangelist right wing in America is so keen on this particular government intervention in private citizens' lives. I am not sure how that sits with the usual "libertarian" rhetoric.

I'm interested in how this relates to the wider culture war. A fairly obvious take is that various issues have to be ignited to distract from the failure to resolve the decline in living standards. Perhaps that is too simplistic though.


2 months 3 weeks ago

Sophie Lewis' take on abortion in this very short video is quite interesting in the context of "rights":

She is pretty out there, but I found her book "Full Surrogacy Now” really thought provoking.


1 month 1 week ago

An updated comment on the latest USA Court decision and the ongoing protests against the spread of abortion bans in states across the USA here:
There is also this contribution from the ICT section in the USA distributed as a leaflet: