Black Flag: Anarchist Review Summer 2022 issue now out

Submitted by Anarcho on July 19, 2022

The new issue of Black Flag: Anarchist Review is now available:

This issue includes articles on and by the Federalist wing of the First International, to mark the birth of revolutionary anarchism at the St. Imier Congress of the First International in 1872, as well as articles on and by Camillo Berneri and Errico Malatesta. We also discuss the formation of the 1922 syndicalist International Workers’ Association and include its first Information bulletin, itself an excellent introduction to the ideas of syndicalism. Malatesta is also subject of an article on national self-determination in light of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We end by a long critical review of a Marxist collection about the First International, exposing its assumptions and prejudices.

Our next issue will be a special on Peter Kropotkin to mark the 180th anniversary of his death. This will include, along with rare articles, letters and new translations, accounts of his ideas by Rudolf Rocker, Camillo Berneri, Errico Malatesta and Gaston Level.

Contributions from libertarian socialists welcome on these and other subjects!

This issue’s editorial and contents can be found at