Boer POW's

Submitted by mrashleybrown on October 14, 2023

My wife is South African English, but her late dad whom I thought was English South Africa was actually from an Afrikaans/German background. He never knew nor talked much about his ancestry. Well, I did some research and I found his grandfather George Henry Westley Beckman was from Rouxville in the Orange Free State. His whole family was put into a Boer War Concentration camp at Aliwal North in the Cape Province. He had two siblings Carl Ernst Herman Beckman - POW number 28698 and Jan August Julius Beckman POW number 28699 who were captured on 26 January 1902 at a place called Sterkstroom and were sent at POW's to India. I would like to know what happened to them? Which camps did they go to and did they survive their incarceration? Regards Ashley Brown [email protected]

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October 14, 2023