Help tracking down an old thread/social democrat

Submitted by Reddebrek on December 21, 2022

Hello everyone, I haven't been very active in a while. That's for a number of reasons, but one of them is that the redesign crippled how I used to interact with the site. The bookmark and profile tracker feature no longer exist which has effectively thrown my way of working out the window.

It is what it is, but it has meant most of my projects have stalled. I'm trying to find the name of a minor member of the social democratic party of Germany. I remember reading his works and about his life, but cannot recall his name. I remember he was brought up in a libcom thread in which I and one of the SPGB members were discussing interpretations of marxism. I've tried searching both within the site and using keywords on search engines and I've had no luck.

I think his first name was peter or paul, and the thread or at least the part of it I was involved with also talked about Marx's daughter Elanor and the first British Marxists including Hyndman. It was before the redesign possibly the same year. I realise this is a stab in the dark, I know he had some texts hosted on the Marxists internet archive but that's even harder to look up minor people without the name to hand.

I'm looking for either his name or a link to the thread.