ICC meeting in London, 1 April, on workers' struggles across the world

Submitted by Alf on March 15, 2023

We are not the only ones fighting…there are workers' struggles all over the world!

From Britain to France, Spain, Portugal and Holland and many other countries, workers’ struggles are multiplying, responding to the effects of inflation, the intensification of the war economy and frontal attacks by the bourgeoisie on living and working conditions.

What is the significance of these struggles? What is their potential? How is the ruling class dealing with them? How can the working class take the struggle forward?

Come and discuss all these questions at a public meeting organised by the ICC:

Saturday 1 April, 3-6pm

The Lucas Arms, 245A Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8QY.

It will also be possible to participate in this meeting online - to do so write to [email protected] from the UK. Elsewhere, write to [email protected] and we will send the link.

Authored on
March 15, 2023