ICC online meeting on war in Ukraine, July 2 and 3

Submitted by Alf on June 21, 2022

Imperialist war in Ukraine: what is the response of the working class?

The barbaric war in Ukraine continues, as does the deafening propaganda offensive justifying the massacre on both sides. The ICC is holding another round of public meetings in various languages this summer, where we will aim to carry forward the marxist analysis of the impact and significance of the war, and in particular the questions it poses to the international working class and its revolutionary organisations.

The meetings in English will be online:

On Saturday 2 July at 11am UK time

On Sunday 3 July at 5pm UK time.

The need for such meetings is also supported by Internationalist Voice and Istituto Onorato Damen, who signed a joint internationalist statement on the war along with the ICC (https://en.internationalism.org/content/17159/joint-statement-groups-international-communist-left-about-war-ukraine)

Please write to us at [email protected] and let us know which time and day suits you best. We will then send further details.


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Submitted by Alf on June 29, 2022

Regarding the overall analysis of the significance of this war, this text is most relevant for the discussion: