Left/Council Communists (Marxists) based in Sydney Metropolitan?

Submitted by Desert BearđŸ—¿ on February 18, 2024

Socialist communities of Sydney are simply the dictionary definition of disappointment. My first interaction was with Trotskyists and Marxist-Leninists, who I would simply describe as anti-capitalist fanatics rather than those actually concerned with the affairs of the working class. My subsequent disappointment with Leninists and Trotskyists made my initial interaction with the Anarchist communities very positive. However like the Leninists and Trotskyists, their blatant disregard for authority and basic economics, in other words anti-intellectualism also put me at odds with Anarchism as well. I have come to the conclusion that authentic Marxism, when understood from it's grassrooted origins is indeed the most scientific and advanced form of Socialistic method of analysis that has ever existed hitherto. The only true groups of historical figures who have a genuine understanding of Marxism are the self declared "Left Communists", or those following the advocacy for Council Communism, i.e. Anton Pannekoek. The modern day Marxist movements have degenerated into a cesspool of opportunistic backstabbers that will always choose their own violent mobs before the interests of the workers they supposedly represent should any revolutionary tendencies occur in the international scene. I suppose therefore that the only way to stifle and eventually stop and reverse the degeneration of Marxism ever since the Bolshevik split and expansion is to organise our own public existence in the very environment where Tankies dwell in, in this context the Sydney Metropolitan areas. Quite frankly, our goal should be to yell louder than our adversaries.

I will organise and provide details for a meeting should this announcement gain enough traction and you can keep track of this movement in the groupchat t.me/communistsofsydney. In the mean time if this is interesting to you as a Communist or general Leftist residing in Sydney, please do your best to help the expansion of this project by sharing it with fellow Leftists or redirecting it to more popular online platforms.


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Submitted by asn on February 18, 2024

But many in the so called anarcho milieu in Sydney - are more anarcho-Stalinists - heavily informed by the Stalinist legacy and ways of the Trot groups and identity politics and middle class leftist outlook associated with oppression mongering/guilt tripping- they have a very warped and depraved concept of anarchism (1)- any group they have would be in line with the above and have certainly a very anti-intellectual orientation - its all about performing rituals and ceremonies around micro bureaucracies and mindless activism informed by oppression mongering and Left sub cultural fads - Rebel Worker/ASN certainly doesn't have an anti-intellectual orientation - there has been a mountain of historical/theoretic and strategic pieces published in it for decades - see www.rebelworker.org and check out article in latest RW edition and on Libcom "From Corporate Bureaucratic Unionism to Direct Action Grass Roots Unionism: Activity and Strategy for Australia Today"
See Discussion on Libcom.org: New Orgs In Sydney and also Report on the Workers Control Conference about the middle class/Student social base of many in the leftist and Anarcho milieu in Sydney on Archive Section of RW web site.