Let’s go and help Ukrainians defend their country against fascism

Submitted by mazenk on March 5, 2023

Waiting is not the proper position of anarchists , neither watching when it’s time for action , we need to join the struggle . We should join the Ukrainians in defending their country and lives , we should be on the forefront of the battle between fascism and democracy , the aggressor and the heroic defendants , sending arms won’t make a big difference here , beating the aggression needs blood and courage , anarchists should be on the front line of such a struggle , take up arms and proceed to the battle field


11 months 3 weeks ago

Submitted by nastyned on March 7, 2023

Get to fuck


11 months 3 weeks ago

Submitted by Machnette on March 10, 2023

I appreciate Mazenk taking the right side in this conflict, although I think maybe they need to consider what the actual capabilities of our movement is. There's around 200 comrades supported by the Solidarity Collectives in Ukraine that we know of. They're amazing comrades who have put their own butts on the front line to end the genocide in the Donbas. Some of those supported are within the International Legion, so if you have prior military experience, you'd be in good company there and anyone who is able to contribute that way, has my support in doing so. The job needs doing and it's being done as fast as the aid arrives.
Otherwise, what we can do is support our comrades who are putting themselves at risk. Part of that is fundraising and political organising. Sadly part of it is also shouting down the Zealots like Ned who would just love for his political opponents to be shot by the Russian military, rather than survive to come home and speak their minds about his useless dogma borne out of the luxury of security.