A new website about Iranian struggles: The People's Clowns دلقکان مردم

Submitted by Red Marriott on March 14, 2023

The people’s clowns salute you.

Big things are happening in Iran: women are standing up to paid up thugs of patriarchy; teenage girls burn their veils and shake off years of embodied Islamic discipline in joyful pirouettes; workers remind the bosses who the real boss is; young rebels tag the walls with slogans increasingly reminiscent of France in May 1968; those about to be hanged demand that the mourners celebrate their death-agony by ditching the sacred and embracing the profane; the minorities look around and realise they have always been the majority; and the sexual ‘other’ fights for the sexual emancipation of all. Even us clowns are beginning to notice that that there is the whiff of revolution in the air.
This site is dedicated to understanding the emergent Iranian revolution. We are not here to be prescriptive, to recruit followers, or to blurt out slogans. We do not intend to fight old sectarian political battles. We do not possess the technical wizardry to bring you the latest video clips and news; nor can we impress you with a list of celebrity endorsements.
We are, after all, just clowns.
But this is our promise to you: We pledge to keep everything on this site practical and relevant to the needs of the moment. We pledge to utilise the best in revolutionary tradition from around the world to aid the Iranian people in their Herculean task of unseating capital, religion and the state. We pledge to work with any individual or group, Iranian or otherwise, who has a revolutionary contribution to make.
The people’s clowns salute you.


We are a small band of miscreants and never-do-wells. All five of us are radical workers from an Iranian background, although we have never been part of the Iranian left and view the professional politico with a mixture of amusement and pity. Over the years we have been involved in more failed struggles than we care to remember. It is fair to say that incompetence has been our constant companion. When we were young, we were not very smart. As we aged, we did not become any smarter but we did manage to learn a thing or two.
We learned from council communism that Bolshevism is irretrievably flawed. Anarchism taught us how to struggle against authority and hierarchies. Left-wing communism, Autonomist Marxism, Situationism, feminism, anarcho-communism, syndicalism, humanistic Marxism, and libertarian socialism all filled a void. And yet we find ourselves still hankering for more knowledge, more riotous escapades and more radical shenanigans. Isolated as we are across the globe, transnationalists of Iranian background can only cheerlead the revolution from afar. But maybe together we could leave an impression disproportionate to our meagre resources. Revolutions after all don’t come round very often. So let’s jump on this bandwagon and see where it takes us.
The people’s clowns salute you.