Reddit debate on communalism.

Submitted by Agent of the I… on January 24, 2024

I would like to share you this discussion turned debate on r/libertariansocialism. I'm the commenter who got down voted at the bottom. I'm just curious as to what you think. Am I in the wrong here?

Basically, two criticisms were made of communalism that were rejected by... I guess the communalists or Bookchin fans: that communalism or Bookchin rejects class struggle or class analysis and that communalism supports electoralism. Some of the responses are interesting to say the least, like for example, the way they downplay the electoralism.

What are some fair criticisms you can make on communalism or Bookchin? I expressed that I didn't know what conflicts were important to communalists or what issues they organize around, to which I received the response that I should read a long text by Bookchin.

I'm also curious as to what you think about some of the longish comments by communalists or Bookchin fans in general. Am I the only one who finds them to be spouting nonsense? They're just heaping praise on his social ecology, dialectical naturalism, and so called holistic framework, as if those things have power to really explain things or address the concerns anybody would have regarding communalism.


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Submitted by westartfromhere on January 26, 2024

Sadly, the link above sends to the sub-reddit, not to the page in question. Perhaps the administrators took offence at the content and deleted the post?