Toni Negri is dead

Submitted by Entdinglichung on December 16, 2023

"The news was announced to some media by his wife Judit Revel and daughter Anna on Instagram. The philosopher and teacher was 90 years old. Tried and convicted for armed insurrection, he had lived for years in France where he benefited from the so-called ‘Mitterrand Doctrine’ on the right to asylum and where he taught in various universities. He returned to Italy in 1997 to serve his final 12-year sentence, and in 1999 he obtained semi-freedom. Then in 2003 he was free again

The philosopher and teacher Toni Negri, historic leader of Autonomia Operaia during the “years of lead”, died in Paris last night at the age of 90. The announcement of his passing, reported to some media by his wife Judit Revel, was confirmed by Oreste Scalzone, former leader of Potere Operaio and point of reference in the French capital for the Italian exiles of those years. Her daughter Anna also broke the news with a post on Instagram accompanied by a photo of her with her father."


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Submitted by westartfromhere on December 16, 2023

A great loss to academia.