why to support anti-authoritarians and workers defending themselves in ukraine

Submitted by Solidarity Col… on December 21, 2022


we submitted a text we made to present our initiative here, but got no answer about it.

as many of you might know, we are a mutual aid structure in ukraine made by anti-authoritarian activists. we started in the beginning of the invasion: We've created a volunteer team of very different people and initiatives, managing to maintain its work despite crises and reformatting. We've established a logistics network and strong partnerships with many anarchist and left-wing initiatives in Europe and beyond. Domestically, we cooperate with anti-authoritarian groups, labor unions, local activists, and institutions in areas near the front line.

We know that in general you support anti-militaristic ideas here, and would like to argue about the anti-colonial/anti-imperial struggle going on in ukraine, and why strategically was decided to remain active in the condition we live in. which are dire as you may know.

still we believe in rational argumentation and culture of mutual-aid in the movement we all seem to consider being part of.

in solidarity