"Workers Solidarity – A Green Syndicalist Webzine"

Submitted by syndicalist on May 30, 2023

The East Bay WSA Group has published a new webzine to promote green syndicalism — Workers Solidarity.

“We do not intend this to be simply a publication of the East Bay WSA but an independent green syndicalist journal, with the idea of attracting a variety of voices to participate.”

"Worker Solidarity is an independent worker journal. Our goal is to provide a platform for reports, analysis and debate about working class struggle, both workplace-based struggles and other forms grassroots social movement resistance, and to promote syndicalism as a strategy for social transformation.

Syndicalism is based on a strategy of building grassroots worker unions (and other kinds of grassroots organizations such as tenant unions) that are directly controlled by the members, and using these organizations as a means of workers controlling — and pursuing — direct struggle against the dominating classes—building forms of working class counter-power through disruptive forms of collective struggle such as strikes, occupations, rent strikes, militant mass marches, and so on.

This journal is particularly interested in developing the link between the labor movement and climate justice and the fight for an ecologically sustainable world. Our approach is Green Syndicalism (also called eco-syndicalism). This has a dual basis; first, the recognition that workers — and direct worker and community alliances — can be a force against fossil fuel capitalism and environmental devastation going forward; and, secondly, the belief that the syndicalist vision of self-managed socialism provides a plausible basis for a solution for the environmental crisis."

Workers Solidarity – A Green Syndicalist Webzine



9 months 1 week ago

Submitted by Steven. on May 30, 2023

Hey, as this isn't an actual article as such, or an archive of the magazine, we have turned this into a Discussion post rather than an Article


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Submitted by syndicalist on May 31, 2023

It's a publication though. Not sure I get why its placed as a discussion piece, really. Are all new publications put into a "discussion piece" catagory?


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Submitted by Fozzie on May 31, 2023

Hey syndicalist. I think the key distinction is that the "publications" tag is for when the actual publication itself is included on Libcom.

Whereas this is an article about a publication with a link to the actual publication itself...

I made your link into a clickable one, btw.


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Submitted by syndicalist on May 31, 2023

OK. So if it's a scanable print publication, it's a publication. Well, I am clearly an old fart. So I thank you all for your time