site user guide

A guide to finding what you want on libcom, and navigating the site.

Submitted by Jacques Roux on September 28, 2006

There are many of ways to find what you are looking for on

Generally speaking the majority of site content can be found in the main sections which are listed in the dark grey bar at the top of the page. These are explained in detail in our guide to our sections.

Information about the site can be found in notes, linked from the footer.

Information about you (if you have registered) is under 'My account'.

Other useful tools are our categories, which include regions, sectors and tags. You can read more about these in our categories guide.

Perhaps most usefully, you can use the search box at the top-right of the page, or why not install our Firefox search plug-in so you can search direct from your browser. You can also search from here.