Organise! archive digitised and downloadable

Submitted by little_brother on June 8, 2019

Thanks to a speedy effort of The Sparrows' Nest Library and Archive in Nottingham over the last month, Organise! is now available in full digitised glory for the first time. Following Virus (1-13), Organise! issues 14-75 have all been photographed and combined into good quality PDFs, one for each issue with OCR. The rest of the Organise! issues from 76-91 are already available as good PDFs from the AF website. The best way to access this material is to go to and search on Organise! (with the !) and select digital library - there are keywords/contents list for each issue. You can also download the scanned copies from this link:
A blog piece from the Nest about Virus and Organise! digitising effort can be found here: