"Anarchism in the Russian Revolution", Norwich UK, 21st October 2017

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Oct 7 2017 10:14
"Anarchism in the Russian Revolution", Norwich UK, 21st October 2017

21st October, 7pm. The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, 10 Dereham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AY.

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the ‘October Revolution’, where the Bolsheviks seized control of a popular uprising, there can still be found those who celebrate the events as a victory of ‘workers control’. This meeting will explore the role played by anarchists in the Russian revolution and the illusions propagated by the Bolsheviks.

Talks - Video - Discussion.

Speakers from the Anarchist Federation. https://www.afed.org.uk/
They will not just be discussing dusty old history but the effects Bolshevism has had on present struggles and what we should do about it.

Video from an unreleased 2016 documentary on the history of Anarchism.

Free entry. All welcome

*Advance copies of Theory and Practice's upcoming book - Ida Mett "The Kronstadt Uprising" will be available for sale.

Facebook event:

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Oct 7 2017 11:01

Looks good, I should be there, if el presidente (aka little hands/little boots) has not blown us all to hell.

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Oct 21 2017 09:04