Anyone want to do a review?

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May 15 2019 16:47
Anyone want to do a review?

Hey all, thought I'd start this thread for Freedom Press titles which come out as there's generally a dearth of places to get anarchist books reviewed and it'd generally be good to get more texts up here.

Our next book is Our Masters Are Helpless, a collection of works by George Barrett which will be launching at the Anarchist Festival. The blurb is as follows:

“From Bristol came George Barrett, who flashed like a brilliant meteor over our horizon.”
~ George Cores

One of the first, and best, anarchist pamphlets I ever read was Barrett’s Objections to Anarchism
~ Colin Ward

An engineer by trade, George Barrett was one of the anarchists’ key organisers through the period of the Great Unrest of 1910-14, a syndicalist-led uprising which shook Britain just before the first world war began.
First coming to the attention of organisers in his early 20s for disturbing Bristol’s socialists with his fiery radicalism, Barrett’s later work in London and Glasgow made him well known as an eloquent and clear voice for the libertarians.
A writer for anarchist journal Freedom, he also founded the Anarchist alongside producing several seminal texts both before and during World War I, until his untimely death in 1917. This selection of Barrett’s essays offers a unique political view from the time and his arguments remain incisive today.

Free copy goes to the anarchisty volunteer who can (reliably) sort a solid review to put up on Libcom, no other requirements attached. If multiple people put in I'll pick one at random to send to.

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Jun 2 2019 17:08

Obviously not offering to review the book I edited, but people may be interested in my blog on it. It may encourage people to buy it -- or offer to review it.