Free download of Virus, theoretical magazine of Anarchist Communist Group

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Jun 4 2020 14:19
Free download of Virus, theoretical magazine of Anarchist Communist Group

Issue 1 of our magazine Virus in the Body Politic
At 54 pages, it contains articles on:

Beyond XR

Capitalism, Land and Climate Change

The Yellow Vests: Where Now?

Anarchy, Punks and Sweatshops

Organising to Win

Dossier 1919: a Year of Struggle

Anarchist Communism and the Struggle Against Oppression

What is Fully Automated Luxury Communism?

The Socialism of Intellectuals: Jan Waclaw Machajski

Book Reviews

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Jun 4 2020 19:14

"Free download of Virus"


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R Totale
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Jun 5 2020 11:02

Yeah, I didn't want to be the first to say it but I have been thinking for a while that the ACG should probably find a new name before doing issue 2.

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Jun 5 2020 15:17

That is a very unfortunate name. Although I know the same thing happened back when some of the same people started a magazine in the 80s called Virus, which they then changed during the AIDS crisis.
Name notwithstanding, I look forward to reading the content.

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Jun 9 2020 14:29

The free PDF download of this journal is getting a fair amount of interest.

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Jun 9 2020 15:05

Well it's an excellent and substantial first issue well worth people reading. Personally I still like the nicely printed version of the journal.

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Jun 9 2020 18:11

At first I thought this was a really bad spam post, until I properly read the OP headline. Based on reading two articles and skimming the rest, the content is great, but I found it hard to read due to the layout/design. Normally, I don't have an issue with a justified, two-column layout, but with this one I had. I don't know if it's the font, spacing between the lines or paragraphs, lack of images to break up the walls of text, or something else.