Greetings and Welcome to “On The Line”

Submitted by syndicalist on October 28, 2020

A new project I started working on. I welcome folks to take a look, feel free to drop OTL your news and views. OTL interested in any real struggles or campaigns folks are in. OTL would like to find a balance between independent organizing outside the mainstream, inside the mainstream and general worker, community and social struggles. OTL will be principled but non-sectarian.

Contact OTL with any constructive criticism or suggestions. No tomato throwing please

Greetings and Welcome to “On The Line”. Over the years this host has been involved with several anarcho-syndicalist newsletters by the same name. I hope to be able to carry on the tradition of publishing timely news from the workplaces, the communities and the struggles against oppression, no matter what form that oppression takes.

A look at printed issues of “On The Line” can be found on the excellent resource site Libcom:

The reader is encouraged to send in news about your struggles, comments and links to articles of interest. We encourade “debate” and “discussion” submissions as well. All we ask is the submissions and discussions be comradely, yet principled. Civil yet engaging.

Class struggle is the order of the day. The fight is real and the goal is freedom.

Thank you for reading and bear with me as I find my sea legs.

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Submitted by syndicalist on October 28, 2020