Health workers meeting

Submitted by AngryWorkersWorld on February 14, 2021

Ciao all,

Hope you are doing okay. Together with other comrades in the sector we want to organise a ’stock-taking’-meeting: what initiatives are out there in the health sector; what is the situation in the bigger trusts etc. Would be great if you could forward this to fellow workers in the sector…

In solidarity
Giles and Marco


Dear comrades,

We want to invite you to a discussion meeting about workers’ struggle within the health sector and what place these struggles have in the wider battle against the capitalist system.

We, a couple of AngryWorkers who work in the NHS, want to reach out to other comrades in the sector. During recent months we have interviewed some of them about their experiences during the pandemic:

We think it would be good to have a general forum / website to exchange experiences and information about local and international struggles and material that can be shared locally, but we also want to re-invent the wheel. At the meeting we therefore want to discuss past efforts to organise a similar forum and current initiatives in the sector.

We will meet on the 11th of March at 7pm.

Feel free to pass the invite on to fellow workers.

A preliminary structure of the meeting:

• Introductions: Where do you work, what are you involved with

• Where do we see important developments and conflicts in the sector during this pandemic, what are your own experiences, e.g. in regards to disputes around health and safety, being under-staffed etc.

• What initiatives are there on the ground, what are our experiences with them? (‘Safe our NHS’ campaigns, Docs not Cops, Nurses United, Radical health workers networks, links within the IWW etc.)

• What have been important struggles in the sector locally and internationally, what are their strength and weaknesses?

• How do we see the relation between the day-to-day fight to defend and improve our conditions and the transformation of a sickening system? What role does ‘health’ play in capitalism and in a working class movement for a different society. (Comrades of the ACG currently write a pamphlet about this question)

• What could be next steps

Email us for the Zoom-link. If you can’t make it to the meeting, but are interested in further exchange, please get in touch: [email protected]