ICC online public meeting, 16 and 17 October: Covid, Climate, chaos in Afghanistan

Submitted by Alf on September 26, 2021

The Covid pandemic, increasing and intensifying climate disasters, imperialist chaos in Afghanistan - these events are not unrelated, but are expressions of the acceleration of capitalism's historic crisis, of what the Communist International already described in 1919 as its "inner disintegration". Come and discuss the ICC's analyses of these developments

Dates for online discussions:

Saturday October 16th for participants from Asia /Europe, starting at UK time 11.00am, and on Sunday October 17th for participants from Europe/USA, starting at UK time 6.00pm.

To prepare the discussion, we suggest that comrades read the resolution on the international situation from our 24th International Congress:


We have also published a Report on the pandemic and the development of decomposition which offers additional material.

In our Report on the international class struggle to the 24th ICC Congress we try to offer a detailed analysis of the present state of the class struggle.

Please write to us at [email protected] to let us know if you want to attend, and which day suits you best.