No Safety, No Return!

Submitted by Battlescarred on September 22, 2020

No safety, No return!
Many workers are being asked to work in unsafe environments. Many more will be asked to do so as they return to work over the coming days and weeks.
The No Safety, No Work campaign has been launched. This is a campaign to be led by workers trying to keep themselves and others safe at work in the time of Covid 19. We know that the working class cannot rely on employers or the government to keep us safe.
Tens of thousands of people have died in this pandemic, and even more are killed in the work place every year. None of these deaths were inevitable but were the results of the greed of the bosses and the rulers of our society. As more and more people are returning to work, the government has not passed a single law guaranteeing workers safety but has issued guidance to employers. This is not enough to keep us safe.
The campaign is supported by the following groups and organisations (in alphabetical order)
Anarchist Communist Group
Angry Workers of the World
Haringey Solidarity Group
Let’s Get Rooted
Organise!- Ireland
Punks Against Sweatshops
Revolutionary Anarchist Group-Birmingham
If your group would like to be added to the list of supporting organisations please contact us at [email protected]
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