Rebellion in Patagonia film July 2nd

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Jun 26 2019 08:34
Rebellion in Patagonia film July 2nd

Forthcoming London ACG Meetings
Tuesday 2nd July 7pm: London ACG – Film/Meeting
At May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4
Rebellion in Patagonia- Film show followed by discussion
Workers in Patagonia, influenced by anarchist ideas, demand improvements in pay and conditions. After employers at first agree to workers’ demands, which are supported by workers in other sectors and areas, the regional governor, under pressure from local employers, orders the paramilitary police to intervene to crush the movement. In response a general strike is declared, paralyzing the ports and wool production for export. The government backs the landowners, and soldiers are brought in to crush the strike.This dramatised account of the events directed in 1974 by Hector Olivera was banned by the Videla dictatorship in Argentina. Meeting convened by London Anarchist Communist group. Free.
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Black Badger
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Jun 30 2019 22:42

"influenced by anarchist ideas"? the workers are members of the FORA, and explicitly anarcho-syndicalist organization. the film itself is a bit of a melodramatic potboiler, but portrays class war quite well. the screenplay was co-written by Osvaldo Bayer, from his novel. no wonder it was banned.

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Jul 1 2019 01:22

Excellent flick. Have played it many times for various benefits. We heavily used it while Argentina and the rest of Latin America/Southern Cone were under severe and heavy military dictatorships.
Well worth seeing.

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Jul 1 2019 13:27