Solidarity with Pikesville, Maryland Target Workers!

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Apr 17 2019 21:48
Solidarity with Pikesville, Maryland Target Workers!

Dear Friends,

We have learned from Target Workers Unite! ("an independent initiative
run by rank and file Target team members" about a struggle they have
been waging at Target Store #1541 in Pikesville, Maryland.

TWU! reports that the

"Pikesville, MD: Target team members at store #1541 have returned to
work after a two-day strike over abusive treatment perpetrated by
Store Team Lead (store manager) Kate Harley. Since Harley has taken
over as the new store manager she has created a hostile work
environment where team members (TMs) live in fear of intimidation,
spying, and retaliation."

The TWU! is asking all friends to contact the Target Integrity Hotline
at 1-800-541-6838 or email Target at and demand
!) Target fire the current store manager Katey for harassment and
creating a hostile work environment and 2) No retaliation against and
and all TM workers who engaged in collective action, including, but
not limited to going on a two day strike.

Solidarity donations to help cover lost wages are encouraged. A
strike fund page has been set up at:

Further information and updates can be found on the Target Workers
United! page:

Workers solidarity forever!

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Apr 18 2019 19:28

Today from the Target Workers United!


Target Corp has let abusive boss Kate Harley back on site! Call the store now and tell management this is unacceptable in our community!

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Apr 18 2019 22:00

Friday, Pikesville, MD .....

Target Workers Unite:

"The workers may have gone back to work yesterday, but the community and fellow Target team members from other Target stores held an informational picket to show the community how Target disregards worker's testimonies of abuse by STL Kate Harley. We aint going away til these workers get justice! Come join community members tomorrow as workers and community members demand accountability!"

If you can't make the picket, TWU encourages you to:

"Call the Pikesville Target and tell management it's UNACCEPTABLE STL Kate Harley is permitted back on the premises after team members spoke out on her abusive behavior!
(410) 486-4141"

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Apr 22 2019 08:52

Is the TWU initiative something that emerged from the 2017 strike of target workers?


Just came across this tweet from the '17 Virginia strikers which would suggest that's the case

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Apr 22 2019 14:00