SPGB 2019 Summer School

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SPGB 2019 Summer School

Living the Dream: Being a Socialist in a Capitalist World

The Socialist Party's Summer School will take place between Friday, 2nd and Sunday, 4th of August at Fircroft College, Birmingham B29 6LH

Our political views are shaped by the circumstances we find ourselves in and how we relate to our situation. How does a socialist understanding of capitalism and the aim for a free and equal world compare with other political stances and belief systems? Why should we have a socialist viewpoint? And how does it impact on our lives? Our weekend of talks and discussion looks at what it means to have a socialist outlook in the 21st century.

Fircroft College - https://www.fircroft.ac.uk/Pages/FAQs/Category/how-to-find-us

Full residential cost (including accommodation and meals Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) is £100.
The concessionary rate is £50.
Day visitors are welcome, but please book in advance.

E-mail enquiries should be sent to spgbschool@yahoo.co.uk. Book a place online, or send a cheque (payable to the Socialist Party of Great Britain) with your contact details to Summer School, The Socialist Party, 52 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7UN.