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Issue no.3 of the Anarchist Communist Group's magazine Stormy Petrel is now out. Details here:


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An excellent issue cram packed with interesting and useful articles and a snip at £4 for an attractive glossy magazine - highly recommended.
However, I have been pondering on the purpose behind the inclusion of the article entitled 'Land, Food and Revolution' which starts of well but then gets bogged down with a detailed description of the Peoples Land Policy Manifesto. Was it supposed to be another example of the ACG's newly adopted or just re-phrased strategy of 'social insertion' or perhaps more likely meant to be the outline of a new anti-capitalist communist programme for land use and food? If the later it seemed to sit more than uneasily with the capitalist framed radical reform and (UK) nationally based manifest of the PLP and out of place with the ACG's anti national communist politics as expressed elsewhere in the same edition. As an aside the terminology of 'food sovereignty' and 'food justice' is popular with many other leftist organisations who also struggle to align this with their claimed internationalism but then they are the same organisations who support national liberation struggles and have their own reform programmes of supposed 'transitional demands'.