"What is Imperialism?"

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Mar 24 2019 12:28
"What is Imperialism?"
Imperialism, as we learn in school, was the policy of states 100 years ago. At that time, actual empires existed, such as the British Empire. That time is over and therefore today there is no more imperialism, or so the story goes.

On the other hand, it is not only left-wing people who still talk about world powers, regional powers, leading powers, spheres of influence, backyards, etc. Newspapers are full of this stuff and politicians talk about it, too.

Interference in other countries, aggressions and wars – if we follow the papers and politicians – always originate from other states. This is how all politicians in the world see it and their nationally minded newspapers agree. Their own country, on the other hand, merely seeks peaceful relations – relations that benefit all sides – and defends itself – if necessary – against the unfair claims of other states or their aggressions. That’s the story in every newspaper in the world and every country claims that the others are the aggressors. That, of course, is not correct.


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Mar 25 2019 11:07

Good basic and easy to understand explanation that is illustrated well with current examples in terms of shifts in the world economy and the balance of power, referencing Trump in particular and conflicts between the USA, Germany/Europe, Russia and China. Could maybe benefit readers in the UK with an illustration that addresses the current Brexit shambles and the historic division in British state politics between pro-Europeans and Atlanticists?