Me And My Dad: Conversations From Around the Barrel Fire - Volume I

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Sep 5 2017 19:55
Me And My Dad: Conversations From Around the Barrel Fire - Volume I

My good man. My good, bad, racist, drunk, portly man. Where the hell is it that you get your ideas? Before I can even finish dragging Trump you accuse me of preaching NPR's gospel. Little do you know I fucking hate Prairie Home Companion. Sometimes I wish you actually were a libertarian as the Republicans claim they are quite often. Sometimes I also wish you had a jet ski just to shut you up?

"Son, they give these black people everything for free?"

"So you think they're just out there on the streets saying 'If you're not white, come get a jet ski?"

"No, even worse. They give them 50 bucks a month for food and water! Laziness! Saggy breeches be damned!"

"What if they gave you a jet ski? Would you feel like they are less 'entitled'?"

"They shouldn't give anybody a jet ski, goddamnit!"

"What if I told you that if we work together, after dismantling the state we could all have jet skis that we built for ourselves and each other without exchanging paper bills?"

"Son, you're a fuckin' liberal! Prolly wish you had a hybrid powered jet ski!"

"I literally told you ten minutes ago that I hate liberal democrats."

"You wish you had a Prius jet ski, dontcha boy! A Priuski!"

"So you think that if Donald Trump, a literal reality TV star and hotel mogul, is our president that he's going to take away all the black peoples jet skis and we are going to be better off for it? I mean jeez, dad, the state has done nothing but kill them, keep from getting good jobs, and segregate them from white people! What really makes you think they are all out riding jet skis handed out by liberals?"

"If they get jet skis, I want me a four wheeler!"

"Dad, even liberals contribute to the very system that hold them down. Its not liberals, its our society at large. its the state."

"Shit! Donald J 'Jam up' Trump is gonna save this country! Hes gonna put The Allman Brothers in the white house!"

"Can we settle for Fleetwood Mac?"

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Jan 3 2020 15:03

Hmm, too short. I'd love to read more of this.

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Noah Fence
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Jan 3 2020 15:38
Headstomper of liberals

We oughta hook up some time comrade, we would get along famously! Bring your dad, eh? He may be a reactionary asshole, but you know, more liberal heads stomped, right? By any means necessary and all that!