Banning of a user

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Feb 29 2016 12:48
Banning of a user
Spikymike wrote:
Must be getting soft in my old age and more tolerant than most here cos' I think the problem with James MacBryde is a lack of appropriate skills in formulating their point of view and a bad habit of posting one off comments which seem obscure to most of us at first reading but do sometimes make sense when explained further (if you look at some of the other threads they have posted on), whether you agree with them or not being a separate matter. I doubt they are intentionally racist in that last comment on African Nationalism but it may come across that way. Having said that his views are not exactly libcom mainstream, unfortunately like a good few others posting here more recently! Maybe they will learn to improve their presentation having been given this warning? Sorry if this is seen as another derail - won't object if it's moved elsewhere.