Keeping distinction between tags and authors/people/groups?

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Apr 2 2014 12:46
Keeping distinction between tags and authors/people/groups?

So I just finished going through all about tags, deleting duplicated and redundant ones.

To simplify things, I was wondering if we could maybe merge tags with our authors/people/groups categories.

We did have them originally so people could browse by topic or author. But because we group text by person, rather than author specifically (for example, Nestor Makhno will contain articles both by and about him) I wonder if we might not just be better off merging them. And we have so many thousands of both tags and authors that it shouldn't make any more difficult to browse. What do you all reckon?

Before commenting, why not have a quick look at our library index, and have a browse by tag and author/person/group first to let us know what you think.

Cheers for any feedback!

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Apr 9 2020 08:32

Who can I contact about creating new tags?