Noa and derailing

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Mike Harman
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May 29 2018 20:40
Noa and derailing
Noa Rodman wrote:
Mike Harman wrote:
Noa if you continue to derail threads it's going to be time for a temp ban, I've wasted too much time the past week or so cleaning up after you.

First it was R Totale who asked you to ban me from the incel thread, though you kindly enough merely split some of my comments (it was in fact when I was responding to a comment directly about incel ideology). I formally noted that was unjustified.

On this thread you have split the comments about my example of supporting non-direct workplace reforms (i.e. freeing Assange), but the derailing comments were by others like Fleur who made into the question of his personal conduct (and I didn't respond to that).

Now you intervene with a final warning, at a time when I gave some very basic info, like tracing the intellectual origins of key concepts associated with identity politics (and for me it's not about John Money's abuse of a patient, I specifically said it's not the easy argument ad hominem I'm going for), and challenged people to defend the scientific worth of these concepts.

I again formally object to your intervention against me, and reject the charge of derailing.

Noa the great d...
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Jun 20 2018 08:54

This is just a reminder that I've been banned for 18 days now by you Mike, whereas a temp-ban (which you threatened I would receive) seems to be only 3 days. This post is merely for the record, so that you cannot claim in the future that it slipped your mind to unban me.