Wages, Price and Profit in the 21st Century. A self-published Kindle Book

Submitted by link on July 26, 2020

I would like to advertise this self-published booklet "Wages, Price and Profit in the 21st century" by Phillip Sutton

It is a simplified explanation of the key concepts contained in Marx's 'Wages, Price and Profit' focusing on the basic elements of waged labour and how it creates wealth. Marx wrote his book over 150 years ago so not only is our everyday language different but also many aspects of society have changed in the meantime. This publication therefore aims to present a clear explanation of the importance of the working class as opposed to other oppressed groups and to bring these ideas up to date and to relate them to today's conditions.

Hopefully a physical copy will be available later in the year but at present it is self-published as a Kindle book on Amazon

Cost £3.04

Available from this address:

Lucky Black Cat

2 years 10 months ago

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Submitted by Lucky Black Cat on August 3, 2020

Good luck with your book! I'll give you the same advice I posted on the other book thread:

Other good places to spread the word about your book are facebook groups and reddit. If you use the search bar on facebook you can find tons of leftist and Marxist groups to post in. There are also a bunch of leftist subs (forums) on reddit.

Just be careful not to post on too many facebook groups or subreddits on the same day or you could get shadow-banned.


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Submitted by link on August 6, 2020

Thanks for your post Lucky Black Cat. Ive been looking round the facebook groups but it seems to me that they are set up to prevent anything but official posts from the groups themselves.