Submitted by Scallywag on December 22, 2020

Now that we are reaching the end of the year maybe enough time has passed now to comment on the impact of coronavirus, Brexit and the state of capitalism looking towards the new year and beyond.

Looking to hear other libcommers views or if you have any links to good anarchist political analysis on these unfolding events please share.


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For the "state of capitalism" I still think the works of people like Roberts and his marxist economic analysis are worth looking at (as well as the ICT and some of their critiques of Roberts' reformism). I understand people may disagree with the theory of the tendency for the rate of profit to fall, such as Heinrich followers, but I haven't actually seen them engaging Roberts' works, other than arguing the counteracting tendencies are stronger or that the fall is something that can't be determined, along with other critiques. I still have much to read there myself (incidentally Heinrich has a new book, How to Read Marx's Capital: Commentary and Explanations on the Beginning Chapters). I think trends in industries, and how industries in general operate (the garment industry for example), are also interesting subjects and worth studying. There's also the resources/ecology side of things (the effects of climate change e.g.). What the working class are up to is also of course something of interest. Sadly I don't know enough about how all those things work and interact to give some grand assessment of the state of the world. If I weren't busy with other stuff that's some of what I'd focus on.