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Lucky Black Cat
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Sep 30 2019 04:28

Thanks, Steven! Wow, it's been a long time since you made that reply. Sorry, I've just not visited libcom in ages! That's a great idea about posting the videos in the library. I will definitely be doing that. smile

Sike: Aw, that's a shame they left out such a hugely important part of the Makhnovist story! sad Well, thanks for telling it here. Even though it's a very plain description of the events I feel somewhat moved by reading it. They were real heroes.

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Noah Fence
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Oct 8 2019 19:29

Here’s a vid from the YouTube channel’Piper Thompkins’(formerly Social Revolution)...

Their material is fairly dry but it’s good educational stuff for not so learned commies such as myself.
Btw, they post on Libcom under the handle of ‘Ivysyn’.
I’m sure some support would be appreciated.

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Oct 21 2019 23:56

Hi Noah!

You should check out a French animation series called 'L'Ecole du Chat Noir' (which means: School of the black cat). English subtitles are available for the videos.

The first episode is an introduction to the subject, and the second episode is entitled 'L'Anarchie c'est pas ce que tu crois' (Anarchy, it's not what you believe).

The third episode will be released in the coming month, and it's focus will be on religion !! This series is extremely informative and also very beautiful with stop motion animation. Hope you enjoy !

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Nov 1 2019 18:25

Here's a video I saw about the video game Dwarf Fortress and Anarchocommunism,

I actually didn't know anything about the game but her video and argument was easy to watch and follow.

also I've discovered a channel that reads out anarchist audio books in Esperanto