Best and worst IWW reads

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Aug 2 2019 21:21
Best and worst IWW reads

Just curious what, if any, are folks best & worst IWW writings.

Links, of course, welcomed.

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R Totale
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Aug 4 2019 09:39

Contemporary: Recomposition would be the big one for me, I really value the effort they put into putting out stuff that shows what "the big ideas" look like at the level of "the little picture"*. Organizing Work too, to some extent. New Syndicalist never really did it for me as much.
I guess the "direct unionism" debate was pretty important, at least for a while?

Classic: I guess Joe Hill's and Ralph Chaplin's songs, and the preamble, if they count?

In-between: I quite like the 60s Rebel Worker, haven't actually read Rosemont's biography of Joe Hill but I hear that's very good.

*just went to have a look and saw the actual Recomp site is down, how quickly these things go.