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Jun 28 2020 19:39

Anyone use ereaders or have ones they'd recommend (possibly eink ones)? I'm starting to dislike physical books in light of the fact that ereaders are just better in every way (ebooks if purchased are usually cheaper as well). Replacing batteries after a while might be a consideration, and is a bit wasteful, but that's the situation with most laptops, phones, etc. Then again no resources or labor go into making copies of an ebook after they're initially made..

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Jun 28 2020 20:22

You can obtain pretty much any book from

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Jun 28 2020 22:51
Craftwork wrote:
You can obtain pretty much any book from

Yes, that's part of my motivation for wanting to just use an ereader. I had thought eink displays cause less eye strain, but it seems that's not the case; they do consume less power though. I wouldn't be against just a regular lcd tablet if it had enough battery life.

Anyway, just wanted to see what other people here are using.

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Jun 29 2020 00:53

i've got a old kobo aura hd and a slightly newer energy sistem ereader pro+ (a boyue derived ereader)
i have two because i broke the screen on the kobo and wasn't able to find a replacemt screen at first

they both do the job, the kobo has a higher resolution screen and slightly larger, which makes it better for reading things with small text like manga, comics and some pdfs, but it does seem a little fragile,
the energy sistem ereader is more flexible because it uses android so can install many apps from the app store, like a comic reader since they are not supported by the default reader, and it has physical buttons to turn pages, which is nice since swiping on the screen doesn't always do what you intend

for both calibre works to manage the ebook library, and it can also remove copy protection with the right plugings

the current generation kobos, the kobo clara hd and libra h20, look ok for the price, although they dont look like they have a way to add more storage, so if you want to read a lot of comics or unusually large pdfs that shouldn't be an issue

i wouldn't recommend the current energy sistem ereaders, they are no longer much cheaper than the kobos and they dont appearer to have improved the screen resolution, and their version of android is quite outdated meaning you may not be able to run the apps from you want, while boyue has improved all this on there own ereaders apart from the price

its probaly worth cheaking out ereader forums and reviews

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jef costello
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Jun 29 2020 20:02

I have a kindle paperwhite, with all the connections to the internet blocked etc. and I use calibre to import books directly from my computer.

I used to use it a lot, but haven't much recently, partly because I put a bunch of books for work on there and got stuck halfway through another book that I didn't like too much.

I also use fbreader to read on my phone which is convenient.

Buy a tablet if you want one for other stuff and stick a reader programme on there. USe a reader app on your phone if you have a big screen or don't care. Get an e-reader if you read a lot (batteries last a fair while) or you want a bigger screen than your phone. Also an e-reader usually has pagination if you care about those things.

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Jul 2 2020 00:13

I know you're asking about ereaders but in case you or anyone else here is interested in reading more on their phone I have a few apps I want to suggest:

1. Ebookdroid is a really good app for reading pdfs. It has a setting that crops the margins so that all the pages are at the maximum zoom without cutting off any of the text. It's the only android app I've found that can actually lock the zoom like you can with most desktop pdf readers like acrobat and foxit, which makes it hard to read.

It also has a night mode which makes the background black and the text white.

2. Lithium is good for epub files. You can change the background colour from white to light grey, sepia or dark mode. I think it may have some other features I liked but I don't remember what they are now lol.

3. The firefox app has a reader mode which let's you choose the font size and the background colour (white,sepia or dark mode). I use it a lot both on my phone and on the desktop version.

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Jul 2 2020 03:12

Thanks for suggestions, will probably go with Kobo for the low power consumption and other features. It doesn't really make sense to me to keep buying more and more books (though it might for the book publishing industry) that are read once and take up space afterward; not trying to open a library etc.

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Jul 22 2020 22:52

I am using Kindle app and Google Play books app on mobile Android but KOreader looks interesting as it is FOSS. I would like to sideload free ebooks.

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Aug 22 2020 13:54

I've had good experiences with Kobo and Tolino