Furlough and other labour concerns

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Feb 24 2021 12:36
Furlough and other labour concerns

Are we going to see more workplace organising in response to things like furlough, drop in income, redundancy, low pay, unemployment, debt, unsafe conditions and lack of protective equipment as a result of the pandemic?

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R Totale
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Feb 24 2021 21:10

I mean, I think it must be very hard to organise people on furlough, it's not like you can effectively withdraw your labour under the circumstances. As far as I can see, there does seem to be some going on but almost exclusively in relatively well-organised industries that still have something left to defend, in response to the bosses seeing this moment as an opportunity to push through attacks with the threat of unemployment. See the recent Angry Workers text, along with the sources linked in this other thread.