Rape Crisis

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Feb 8 2018 15:44
Rape Crisis

Along with some others I put on occasional music events. We don’t make much money but what we to do make has recently been going to a local domestic violence shelter. Now one of our number has proposed that this time we give the cash to Rape Crisis. I know very little about Rape Crisis but an old friend of mine worked for them for many years in a managerial and promotional role, represented them on TV etc but privately didn’t seem to have a very good opinion of the organisation. I can’t ask her as we lost touch when she went to live in East Asia.
I wondered if anyone here knows any more or has unfortunately had to utilise their services and could give an opinion as to whether it’s a good idea to donate?
I know this is a kind of liberal question, but whilst we’re only talking about a couple of hundred quid, I still wouldn’t want it to be ill distributed.
Thanks in advance.