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Mar 14 2018 14:08

What terrible sanctions imposed against Russia by Theresa May! I think Kremlin agents can calmly deal with a dozen spies, a bunch of critics, and a couple of objectionable British journalists. If Pro-Russian leftist Corben is in power in UK, I think he would have apologized for the inconvenience to the Kremlin. In General, European elites demonstrate apathy and political impotence. Maybe that's good. At least there will be no big war. In addition, it is an indicator that the authorities in Europe are weak people who are not able to act decisively, which means that this is a plus for social movements in Europe, if they suddenly appear there. Now striking municipal workers or protesting ecologists in England should know that they are opposed by a well-equipped, but timid and indecisive elite, not an iron lady who pressed the USSR, conducted a successful war with Argentina and won a real war with her own miners.