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Submitted by Lucky Black Cat on April 4, 2021

Hi everyone! If you're interested in writing by a Vietnamese left-communist organization, or writing about Vietnam from an anarchist perspective, or Vietnamese translations of anarchist texts, here are some links.

I got these from @AdventuresOfMun (, a twitter account of Vietnamese born and raised anarchists who are working on translating anarchist texts into Vietnamese.

If someone has free time to do so, they might want to take the initiative of uploading some of this to the libcom Library.

* Vietnamese translations of anarchist texts

* Blog by Vietnamese left-communists

* Writing by Ngô Văn Xuyết (1913-2005) a Vietnamese revolutionary who fought side by side with Vietnamese anarchists, was a Trotskyist but later became a council communist (I believe this writing is from when he was a council com)

* Texts about Vietnam from anarchist perspective

* A couple more texts about Vietnam from anarchist perspective

Points of unity for the Left-Communist Group of Vietnam whose blog I linked to above:

Points Of Unity

The Left-Communist Group of Vietnam is a group founded in the Vietnamese diaspora, and based in the Dutch-German current of Left-Communism. Our positions are as follows:

* The "Socialist" Republic of Vietnam is not socialist. On the contrary, it is capitalist.

* Ho Chi Minh Thought, the official ideology of the ruling "Communist" Party of Vietnam, is a bourgeois current.

* Stalinism, called "Marxism-Leninism" in Vietnam and the forefather of Ho Chi Minh Thought, is likewise a bourgeois current.

* The Socialist Oriented Market Economy introduced by the "Communist" Party is not socialist, but capitalist.

* A revolution by the Vietnamese proletariat is necessary to establish a Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

* An integral organ to the revolution is the workers council, by which the proletariat has direct control over the means of production and can create a proletarian dictatorship.

* A new revolution cannot fall into the trap of nationalism, which would limit the scope of the revolution and hinder it.

* A new revolution must aim to abolish all elements of capitalism, including wage labor, commodity production, private ownership of the means of production etc.

Here's a small correspondence I had on twitter with @AdventuresOfMun. By the way they say they are open to answering questions so feel free to send them a DM on twitter or email at [email protected]

Lucky Black Cat @1LuckyBlackCat

Do you still live in Vietnam or no, and if not what year did you leave?

Among Vietnamese leftists, about how common are anarchists?

Mèo Mun @AdventuresOfMun

Thank you for your questions. The majority of our members are Vietnamese born & raised, though we regreattably cannot disclose our location, for security reasons.

In Vietnam, due to many factors, there are not that many "leftists" as one would have thoughts. Many, if not the majority of Vietnamese are in support of a free market system, or capitalism. Anarchists are even more few and far between.

However, anarchists have always been here. Anarchists fought in the war(s) for liberations, along side other flavours of libertarian communists, though in the end they were all brutally persecuted by the authoritarians.

You can read more about that in the work of Ngo Van's, a coucil communist who fought side by side with Vietnamese anarchists, accessible here:

Questions are alwyas welcome! Please DM or send us an email for further information on anarchist organisations in Vietnam.

[[email protected]]

Lucky Black Cat

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Oops, someone mentioned to me that I screwed up by asking about whether they were still in Vietnam or not. It was a mistake of ignorance.

The reason I asked is because I was wondering how current their information is about what things are like in Vietnam. For example my mom is Mexican but left Mexico in the 70s so her understanding of what's going on there is limited compared to relatives still living there.

But I was wrong to ask.

R Totale

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Thanks for this, just to mention that at least the Ngo Van stuff is in the library already:


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Thanks for the links,

Though unless things have changed I believe the leftcommunist blog is run by one person,

Lucky Black Cat

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Does that mean The Left-Communist Group of Vietnam delegated the task of their English language blog to one person? Or are you saying you believe that TLCGV is just one person? (Or at least was at the time you got this info)


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It isn't a group its a personal blog that seems to want to be a group at some point in the future. And the info was the authors twitter account when the blog was launched.

Lucky Black Cat

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Mèo Mun has started a libcom blog

This is the group of Vietnamese born and raised anarchists I mentioned in my OP, who you can follow on twitter @AdventuresOfMun