Where should I post my article?

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Jul 16 2018 18:13
Where should I post my article?

I have recently made an account in order to post the MA thesis which I have recently finished. It is a very lengthy piece, to be divided in 3 parts, that deals with relationship and continuities between fascism, neofascism and neoliberalism, from the perspective of popular culture and art, and the implications of art in the reemergence of fascism today. It is thought as a sort of toolbox with useful considerations for approaching the work of culture and art from an antifascist perspective.

I'm not sure it fits in history, nor in the library section, it seems more like a post for the blog section, but I can't find where to post in that section. I'm happy to articulate more, if needed, to find the fitting section for it. Can anyone share their thought and knowledge? I apologize if making a new thread on the forum is not the best way to go, but I've searched around various pages and guidelines but I couldn't really find clarifications.

Thank you very much,

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Jul 16 2018 18:57

Click on the submit content link at the top of the page and select create blog post. If you don't have that option then you will need to ask for a blog.
There is nother thread for it, but you can probably do it here.
Personally I don't see why you wouldn't post it to the library, it will be more readable.
If you put it into history then you can link it together as a book using the book outline ]tab on the create article page.

If you do it as blogposts make sure to put links to the other parts. Quick tip, if you use the quote button at the bottom of an existing article you can copy formatting 1.

And you can add existing tags to the article (start typing and it will suggest them) to make it easier to find.

Hope to see your thesis soon. Also if you are planning on being a regular user of the forums then once it is posted we can ascribe it to an anonymous account if you don't want potential employers etc to see what you have been saying on here.

  • 1. such as footnotes
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Jul 16 2018 20:38

Hi, general stuff should go in our library section, so please post it in there. If you would like to contribute articles on a regular basis, you can request a blog. Although a thesis is people be something not really suited to blog format, unless you broke it up into lots of parts of say 2000 words or less each