Will the EU Copyright Directive affect libcom?

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Lucky Black Cat
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Sep 15 2018 23:52
Will the EU Copyright Directive affect libcom?

I'm on an email list for Open Media, an internet freedom NGO, and recently got an email about the EU Copyright Directive. One of the things it says is

And the legislation also calls for content sites to have YouTube-style upload filters. But most sites don’t have the manpower or financial resources of YouTube, which paid tens of millions of dollars to put its filter in place. These Censorship Machine requirements will put smaller sites out of business for good.

Not sure if they're exaggerating or if upload filters will really be forced onto every website. If this does happen then a small site like libcom would be pretty much fucked, right?

There's the issue of the cost of installing such a filter, and also the problem that much of the material on here is copyright.

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Sep 16 2018 06:56

Presumably it’s only an issue if the site is based in the EU and if copyright holders make breach claims to whoever enforces the law rather than Libcom directly.

Is this GDPR? There is a fair amount of hysteria about that understandably because of the potentially massive fines).

Mike Harman
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Sep 16 2018 19:39

It's a proposed law that hasn't gone through yet, not GDPR.

The chances of it being a legal requirement to have a copyright filter are low. It's more likely that you'd need one to defend against a copyright claim from a publisher or something like that.

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Lucky Black Cat
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Sep 16 2018 20:07

Glad to hear things'll probably be alright (well, at least with libcom)

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Sep 16 2018 22:57

I think it effect because every one has its own content nad the people do not have write to used their content in anywhere wheather it is for facebook or youtube.

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Sep 17 2018 16:43

Yay Brexit!

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Sep 20 2018 14:07

This directive is still being drafted, and imo EU legislation is really dense and hard to understand, more so on a topic as technical as this one, but non-commercial sites may be exempt from the 'copyright filter' article /as of the latest version/ ("The definition on online content sharing service providers under this directive does not cover services acting in a non-commercial purpose capacity...").

Fozzie wrote:
Presumably it’s only an issue if the site is based in the EU

It would apply if the site is displayed to EU users too. See, for example, how some U.S. websites chose to block EU-based users from accessing the sites rather than comply with the GDPR, or how Google was fined for breaching EU competition law. Whether they are going to pay is another matter, of course.