Work performance reviews

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Mar 1 2020 16:40
Work performance reviews

My work does these monthly performance reviews for all staff regardless of whether they are on probation or not and they are taken seriously. We are supposed to evidence how we are meeting our works 'values' and objectives but its bloody stupid as I do the same thing everyday. I am also on the lowest rung of the ladder and don't have targets like everyone else which is good on the one hand and bad on the other as it can feel like I have constantly got to prove myself to be seen to be doing a decent job.

Just wondering how others deal with them and also how worried about them should I be. I doubt I would be paid more if I was rated as outperforming so fuck going above and beyond, but would they have grounds to discipline or fire me if I am only ever rated as expected or I fall below?

Better yet how can I trick the fuckers into rating me as outperforming without me actually doing much of anything?

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Mar 1 2020 18:39

I think it depends a lot on your manager really, if they're not a total arsehole then they probably don't take the whole thing too seriously, if they are then that sounds like a bit of a nightmare tbh. Whether or not they'd have grounds to discipline/fire you probably depends on the specific language in your contract, whether they would or not is another question again - if you're competent at your job they probably won't actually want to, especially if you're in a high-turnover workplace where people don't tend to stick around for long, but then if they ever decide they dislike you then it'd probably be a handy mechanism to get rid of you. I appreciate that answer's probably not too much help, but there's a lot of variables at any given workplace so it's hard to give a general answer.

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Mar 12 2020 19:03

Just make sure you don't accidentally get promoted.