Working-class turns either far-left or far-right during recessions?

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Apr 27 2019 23:36
Working-class turns either far-left or far-right during recessions?

Hey, y'all! Long time no speak. Hope all ye comrades are doing well.

Many times I've read or heard it said that, during recession or economic crisis, the working-class tends to turn away from the center and towards either socialism/revolution or nationalism/bigotry, the far-left or the far-right. (Not that they turn to both equally -- often it's unbalanced one way or the other.)

But I can't remember any sources that address this. Can anyone recommend any articles or books that talk about this? Whether as a general trend in history, or a specific historical case study? Or even a quote from a historian or political scientist or some other decent source, so I can look into their work and find out more?

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Apr 28 2019 12:00

Seems more like a truism that people who are apolitical or center (not sure what is meant by that?) might get more politicized during times of capitalist crisis or social unrest (OWS during Financial Crisis, or maybe the last election in the States where the prospects of a Clinton or Trump presidency didn't appeal to many). What people in the past have turned to I'd guess depend on the specific historical circumstances.