Would you folks be interested in an anarchist fantasy story?

Submitted by WhoHoQuoomQuo on November 2, 2020

Hello comrades.

I am planning on writing an anarchist fantasy story that is going to be released serially on the internet. The most prominent example of a story that has been released in such a manner would be Worm, if you have ever heard of it.

The setting of this story is going to be in a fictional world (rather than the real world) with technology equivalent to our own or more advanced, and will thus be a fusion of high fantasy and urban fantasy. It's going to be about a band of Robin Hood-like thieves who steal to help those in need. Over time, they are going to become anarchist revolutionaries who will overthrow the liberal democracy that governs them; and will fight police, Marxist-Leninists, and fascists as well. The culture will largely be inspired by non-European cultures; and will be matriarchal (although men have gained the right to vote and all that jazz in the point of history my story will take place in).

The main character is going to be an ugly and socially anxious man who works as a minimum-wage fry cook, and gets mistreated by his boss. He has no friends, and has never had a girlfriend either. An attractive woman, who is a thief herself, will invite him to join the band of thieves. She will eventually become his love interest.

The story will have a hard magic system similar to works written by Brandon Sanderson, will have a lot of fight scenes, and will have plenty of kinky sex as well.

Although the terms "anarchism", "socialism", "capitalism", "Marxism-Leninism" won't be mentioned by name, the ideologies and government/societies will exist in my story in all but name. The reason why I'm not going to mention by name these real-life concepts is that I'm going to serially post this story on other (non-anarchist) websites for a more general audience. There is a lot of misinformation about socialism and anarchism, so I don't want non-anarchist readers to misinterpret my story or get scared away. The intention of this story will be that the more general audience will enjoy the magic and fights and sex, while anarchists such as ourselves will enjoy all of that along with the political concepts explored in the story.

I'm certain anarchists are the target audience for my story. The problem is, I'm not sure the libcom forums will allow me to post this story serially under the General section. I don't know anywhere else on the internet where anarchists congregate that will allow me to post this story serially, so I would really like to know if there are any other anarchist places on the internet where I can post this story.