Communism and Mass Starvation

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Of course, hunger is caused by different reasons. For example, capitalist systems are associated with the total robbery of some regions. It caused hunger in India and Ireland. But in the case of Russia, the famine that caused the death of millions of people was associated with the specifics of the Bolshevik regime and the mistakes of centralized economic planning. For example, there was no famine with the death of millions of people in the territories that controlled by the white armies. The last famine in tsarist Russia occurred in 1891-1892. At that time, 400-500 thousand people died. This famine was the last hecatomb caused by economic problems in Tsarist Russia. For 25 years there was no mass death of people from starvation, that is 25 final years of tsarism, despite the fact that tsarist Russia participated in the First World War since 1914. Bolshevism caused hunger three times: in 1921 (5-10 million dead), in 1932-1933 (6-8 million dead) and in 1946-1947 (1-2 million dead).