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Don't know if people have seen but a while ago the CIA released millions of classified documents:

we would be really interested in publishing information about CIA surveillance/activity of anarchist groups. So would any people be interested in looking through the documents to see any connection with anarchist groups, and writing up what you find?

I had a quick look round, searching for things like "anarchism", "anarchist", "CNT" etc. and found a fair bit of stuff. Mostly looks like reporting what different anarchist groups are up to, but some of it looks like it could reveal infiltration of the groups as some of the information seems to come from CIA informants on the inside.

Also having a quick look saw a bunch of stuff about the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation, and the CNT/FAI but not any others initially


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By the way the most interesting report I've found so far is the italian anarchist participation in the Greek Civil war. The offices for recruites were in the headquarters of the anarchist group (it belonged to FAI) Baciocchi. Italian anarchists received help from spanish anarchists. The paper is pretty much worth to read it, as I had no clue about anarchist participating in a liberation revolutionary war along with other communists (bordiguists I guess) in the Cold War. Italian revolutionary organisations sent 2000 volunteers to Greece. As usual, anarchists complains about the mistreatment received from communists.

Here, a list of 250 italian anarchists in 49:

Revolutionary anqrchist groups in Italy (1947):

A weird episode in the spanish anarchist history was the collaboration between a faction of CNT and the monarchists. Just at the ending of WWII, an internal faction of Franco's regime was pro-Allied. One of the heads of that faction was the king Don Juan, in exile. He proposed to Republican political organisations a transition democratic regime with the form of a monarchy. Socialists and CNT studied the plan, and even started to collaborate.

on the collaborationist faction in CNT, in exile, appears the name of Leiva. As far I can see he was an informant of CIA. He proposed to create a Labour Party recruiting the old PestaƱistas (from Angel PestaƱa and his Syndicalist Party of the 1934-37 period).

Anarchists in Argentina in the 40s.

Forced labour camps in Bulgaria. Anarchist interned on them

Anarchists in Burma (1954)


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That's absolutely fascinating stuff, thanks! Yes I'm sure there is a real treasure trove of information in these documents, so if anyone has time to go through any more that would be brilliant.