Why Leninism and Bolshevism Are Not the Same by Marcel van der Linden

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May 26 2019 14:09
Why Leninism and Bolshevism Are Not the Same by Marcel van der Linden

Interesting article:

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May 26 2019 18:45
article wrote:
A typical feature of the pre-war period of party work was its lack of intellectuals. The exodus of intellectuals that had begun in 1906 and 1907 meant that party workers, full-time staff and so on were workers. There was so little of the intelligentsia left that it barely suffi ced to meet the needs of the Duma faction and the daily paper. [The place of the intelligentsia was taken by] the intellectual proletarian with his calloused hands and highly developed head who had not lost contact with the masses.Instead of the student youth and intellectuals of 1903–5, only workers were in evidence in the war years. Likewise, the secret meeting-places in flats and lodging-houses were all in working-class districts and in workers’ fl ats. Intellectuals were a rare exception. Of the old party in-telligentsia there remained very few who had maintained their ties with the workers.[From 1916 this changed again:] The turning-point in the mood of the people and the growth of opposition among even the bourgeoisie drove into our ranks no small number of student activists.

If the above statement by Shliapnikov is true it seems all the more surprising that by 1917 the Party members of upper class origin should quickly again come to dominate; according to this questionnaire - - out of 29 leading Party members only four or five were workers or peasants, the rest being from upper classes.